you’re not that special [unexpected encouragement inside]

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been chatting with a client when she shared with me that she feels like she’s the exception to the rule.

Everyone else has permission to wear a swimsuit when they have cellulite on their body… but not her. She’s got to have skin that looks like it’s been covered in an Instagram filter to wear a swimsuit to the beach.

Everyone else is able to learn how to eat intuitively and find freedom from diet culture… but not her. She’s destined to count calories, follow a bunch of rules, and eat only “good” foods forever.

Everyone else can mess something up at work, learn from it, and grow… but not her. She’s got to do it perfectly the first time and never ask for help to be successful.

Everone else is allowed to rest… but not her. She’s got to be performing, producing, and pleasing every minute to prove her worth.

Can you relate?

Everyone else is worthy of compassion… but not you?

Everyone else is allowed to be human.. but not you?

Everyone else deserves love and acceptance… but not you?

Do you feel like what is possible or permissible for others… doesn’t apply to you?

Today, I want to share some unexpected encoruagement for you in those moments…

You’re not that special. If it’s true for everyone else, it gets to be true for you, too!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve practiced this (unexpectedly encouraging) mantra with my clients + with myself.

When you find yourself thinking something is possible or permissible for someone else or everyone else but not for you…

Remind yourself: I’m not that special.

What I really mean when I say this is that you’re not exempt from the universal truth that you ARE LOVABALE, you ARE WORTHY, you ARE ENOUGH.

These are truths for you, too.

xo, Sim

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