Your workout shouldn’t make you feel like sh*t about yourself.

Yesterday, I got an email from a client in UNMEASURED sharing this…

UNMEASURED is the first workout that hasn’t made me feel like sh*t about myself. Game-changing. Thank you!!!

Just take a minute and let that sink in.

REALLY sink in.

Your workout shouldn’t make you feel like sh*t about yourself!

What are some of the ways that the external circumstances (images, messaging, accessibility, etc) of your workout have impacted your inner narrative and / or the way you feel about your body?

Whether you’re told you to push to make your body look a certain way…

shamed for choosing a modification or pausing to rest during class…

encouraged to work harder to make up for the ‘COVID 15’…

judged because you don’t have the ‘perfect’ new workout uniform every time you take a class…

feel stressed about money to keep up all your memberships so you can do all the ‘right’ things…

hear comments in class (the external circumstances) that reinforce the harmful inner narrative you’ve been trying to heal for months or years (i.e. that you need to earn food, what you ‘should’ eat, or that you need to ignore your body’s signals and push harder at all costs to be ‘good enough’)…

Or, in one way or another, are told that your body is a problem to be fixed…

It’s often hard not to walk away from a workout feeling a little (or a lot) crappy in your body or about yourself.

These external circumstances not only pour gasoline on the fire of negative self talk but can also fuel your food + body image struggles as well.

And, I get it! I’ve been there [more on that here].

The good news is that movement does NOT have to be like that!

Your workout doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) make you feel like sh*t. Movement can actually be fun! It can be encouraging! It can actually help you to have a more loving relationship with yourself.

Over the past several years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women to help them ditch perfection and heal their relationship with food, movement, and their bodies.

Through this work, it became crystal clear to me that the experiences we have when moving our bodies can either support or sabotage that healing.

This is why I created UNMEASURED.

Imagine a joy-filled + healthy relationship with movement—one that enhances your body image and self-esteem, decreases stress and anxiety, and improves your overall health.

What would it look like for movement to help you create a deeper mind-body connection?

How would it feel for movement to help you to truly love and accept your body, instead of trying to ‘fix’ it?

Diet culture can hijack movement and make it all about controlling or manipulating our bodies, but it doesn’t have to be about that.

It can be about SO much more.

Movement is one of many great ways we can practice taking care of ourselves, especially if it’s done in a body-neutral, non-obsessive, judgment-free way.

You can have a fun, easy, energizing relationship with movement.

This is what we are all about in UNMEASURED.

Not a week goes by that I don’t get a message from someone in UNMEASURED like this:

I just wanted to share with you that UNMEASURED has helped me finally understand that moving my body is not about making it suffer or hurt in order to achieve a certain “body shape”, but rather moving it in a way that I know we both will enjoy no matter the degree of difficulty. It has also helped me connect on a deeper level with my body and understanding that I’m not less worthy when deciding to move slower or by choosing any modification. I enjoy moving my body now and that’s thanks to your wise guidance and compassionate messages. Thank you for this great gift!

Or like this:

I’m a former competitive triathlete but at this stage I’m so over going to extremes. With two kids now the same ages as yours, I can’t afford to be depleted and exhausted. I’m also over feeling like my workouts are less than, and that I’m not doing as much as I could be or once was. I’m grateful for everything my body has done (sports, babies, supported my general health), and although I’ve been in tune with intuitive eating for a long time, intuitive exercise is so hard. Every workout class, whether it be in a spin class or other barre class, is about more, faster, leaner, personal bests, leaderboard, don’t stop, gain through pain, work for it, etc etc etc. I love the idea of doing classes that already have those messages filtered out, so I don’t need to wrestle with what I’m hearing from the instructor. Mentally, I need workouts as a reprieve these days, not another mountain to climb. Physically, I most need to keep my core, glutes, and hips strong to avoid recurrent lower back pain, not to reshape myself. I could go on…. but thanks for what you’re putting out there. I’m a big fan 🙂

In UNMEASURED, you’ll be met with compassionate, joy-filled encouragement to help you connect with your body so you can get all the benefits of movement without any of the diet culture BS.

Learn more about + join the monthly movement membership all about celebrating your body here.

I’d love to move together.

xo, Sim

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