Your relationship with rest can tell you a lot about your relationship with movement

Working to have a more joy-filled, intuitive, healthy relationship with movement?

Then, I’d encourage you to look at what you think about rest.

Because your relationship with rest can tell you a lot about your relationship with movement.

Grab a pen + paper and free write…

What words come to mind when you think about really resting?

When you think about choosing to sleep in rather than going for a run?

When you think about stopping a few minutes into a workout class because your body says, ‘I’ve had enough’?

When you think about letting go of the rules, the rigidity?

When you choose to be rather than to push?

What thoughts come to mind when you rest?

And what feelings do those thoughts bring up?

A healthy relationship with movement involves a healthy relationship with rest.

And a healthy relationship with rest means that…

Rest doesn’t have to be earned.

It doesn’t have to be exclusive to one or two days a week.

It doesn’t have to elicit guilt or shame or feelings of laziness or failure.

It can be valued. Appreciated. Enjoyed.

Rest is essential.

I cannot wait to guide you to a more joy-filled + intuitive relationship with movement (including rest) in the 7-day Movement Mindset Series. A free weeks worth of mindset shifts, reframes, and intentions from me to you: here’s the link to join if you haven’t already.

xo, Sim

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