your holiday permission slip

This Thanksgiving + holiday season you have FULL permission to…

Eat the foods you love and leave the ones you don’t.

Sleep in (or wake up early to get cozy by the fire) rather than going for a morning workout.

Move your body for joy without worrying about how many calories you’ll burn.

Take a little time away from the hustle and bustle of things for some solo time.

Go into the bathroom to take deep breaths even if you don’t have to pee.

Feel lonely and connected, sad and happy, scared and free, comfortable and uncomfortable, and / or any other emotions that don’t completely make sense together at the very same time without it meaning anything is wrong with you (humans are so amazing like this — we have a beautiful ability to experience BOTH AND MORE in a single instant).

Respect your body even if you don’t love the way she looks today.

Speak up if someone says something hateful, racists, sexist, fat-phobic, etc.

Remove yourself from a conversation that you don’t want to be a part of.

Start a conversation that you’re actually interested in.

Eat a slice of pie even though you’re already full because it looks yummy.

Feel no guilt about that pie.

Wear something comfortable that won’t make you feel like you’re suffocating in your own seat while you’re just trying to enjoy a slice of said pie.

AND you have permission to…

Ask for help.

Accept help.

Get a little fuller than usual because there are so many food options around.

Respect your body when she tells you she’s truly satisfied.

Remember that even though the holiday food can feel special, you can make ‘holiday recipes’ any day of the year. Ah, one of the beauties of food freedom!

Not talk about how you’re going to go on a diet tomorrow.

Not strategize all the ways you’ll ‘make up’ for the holiday meal tomorrow.

Not go on a diet tomorrow.

Choose to use the brain space / energy you could have used to think about dieting tomorrow and spend it talking to someone you love and REALLY listening when they talk back, instead.

Stay off social media.

Post imperfect photos of meaningful moments on social media and not worry about how many likes they get.

Let go of the unrealistic expectations for yourself, your family, and the holiday(s). We are only human and it is only a day, after all.

Be intentional about what matters most to you. And, spend a few moments figuring out what that even is.

And loads of permission to…

Cry for no reason.

Laugh so hard you cry.

Laugh so hard you pee your pants a little.

Acknowledge the moments, people, and gifts that you’re grateful for from this past year.

Celebrate what you’re thankful for about yourself.

Practice compassion, compassion, and (self) compassion.

Throw in a little more compassion.

With so much gratitude for you — wishing you and yours a heartfelt Thanksgiving!

xo, Sim

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