What Your Cravings Mean

I had a super cool conversation with a client yesterday about how ignored cravings (aka NEEDS) turn into cravings (aka needs) that will no longer be ignored.

Whether it’s…

a craving for food in general (hunger) that, when ignored or denied, turns into a famished starving sensation,

a craving for a specific food like donuts that, when ignored or denied, turns into shoving a dozen in your mouth while you sit in the car outside of the grocery store, or

a craving for rest / slowing down that, when ignored or denied, turns into a weekend where you can’t do anything but lay on the couch while you click the remote…

Your cravings will grow stronger and stronger over time!

Those moments where you’re starving, secretly shoveling donuts in your face, or exhausted for days on the couch don’t mean you’re lazy, have no willpower, or need more rules.

These intense, not-to-be-ignored cravings can simply mean you have a need that can be nurtured and met more regularly.

If you look at it like this… what are you in need of on the regular?

xo, Sim

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