What (most of) life is all about

How do you feel in the little, quiet, everyday moments of life?

I’m taking a few weeks away from my personal Instagram, which has been so nice.

I love that Instagram reminds me of all the wonderful, big moments going on in people’s lives: like new jobs, a program launch, a pregnancy announcement, moves, wedding photos, or an epic outdoor adventure! Those moments are marvelous and truly deserve joy-filled celebrations.

And, what’s been interested to notice as I step away from a feed full of wonderful, big moments is this:

When I’m regularly scrolling on social media, I can start to feel like those BIG, EPIC, MARVELOUS moments should be happening all the time.

Scrolling through hundreds or thousands of people’s posts each week, it’s understandable that at least one person does have something big at most every moment. It can be easy to internalize that and make it mean that there is something not quite as good in your life if you don’t have a big, epic, marvelous announcement to make right now.

In stepping away from social media, I’m reminded of all the little, quite, everyday moments that happen almost unnoticed that weave together, adding up to what (most of) life is all about.

Some of my most ‘liked’ photos ever have been when I shared the birth announcements for Osh and then for Yasi. Those moments were big and epic and marvelous. And, the truth is that most of parenting has existed in less ‘likeable’ moments — like crouching down to hold space during a tantrum or drowsily comforting a teething baby in the middle of the night.

The same is true in all areas of my life, from my business to my marriage to my friendships and more.

Being off of social media has been a lovely reminder of just how few and far between the big, epic, marvelous announcements are AND how sweet, tender, and important those little, quiet, everyday moments can be. I’ve been able to more deeply appreciate the unfolding of the everyday that end up being what (most of) life is all about.

Today, I’m sharing this reflection with you in case you need a reminder that your life isn’t ‘less than’ if every day isn’t full of celebration-worthy happenings. In fact, the often unnoticed exchanges make up a lot of what life is all about.

xo, Sim

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