Uh Oh, that wasn’t supposed to happen

A few weeks ago, I had the joy of a lifetime when I saw Jon Batiste perform!

My sister got our whole family hooked on his music years ago and it has become the soundtrack to so many memories in our home.

We were elated when it was announced (very last minute) that he would be making a special two night appearance in Columbus, OH with the orchestra at the Southern Theatre.

If you ever get the chance to see him live, take it!

He was beyond words! There is something about him that is truly ethereal.

At one point, he was on the piano with only two other musicians on stage with him (one playing a strings instrument… I think it was the double bass… and one on the keyboard). He was filling the theatre with the most amazing sounds when…

Someone’s cellphone went off.

UH OH. That wasn’t supposed to happen.

Jon looked back over his shoulder in the direction of the brrrring brrrring brrring and he let out the most joyful laugh. His hand leapt to the far right of his piano where he mimicked the exact sound of the ringing. He then proceeded to play his masterpiece, weaving in the cellphone ringing (always looking back over his shoulder with the most playful smile).

When I tell you I will never be the same after this moment, I really mean it.

It would have been totally understandable for an artist to be annoyed that someone left their phone on during their concert. In fact, I’ve literally been at a concert where a similar thing happened and the musician said, “respectfully, turn off your f*cking phone!”

Honestly, how many times in life do we have a moment just like that? Maybe we aren’t world-celebrated musicians, but I think we can all relate to being in the middle of doing our thing when something interrupts us. Life throws us a little curve-ball! Something happens that wasn’t *supposed to* happen.

Maybe we get irritated. We get frustrated. We assume worst intent. We get judgmental (“Ugh, that person is so rude! They don’t care! How disrespectful!”). We think “why me?! Something always goes wrong!” We feel annoyed.

But in that moment Jon Batiste did the opposite. He didn’t just accept the experience, he embraced it. He brought levity and grace to a moment that had a theatre full of people thinking, “uh oh.”

He took what the moment brought him and turned it all into something beautiful.

A reminder that our mindset and how we choose to respond to whatever the moment brings us will change what happens next. Watching this play out in real-time changed me.

We can be the artist telling people to “turn off your f*cking phone” or we can be the one weaving the cellphone ring into what we play next.

Personally, I want to make some music.

What about you?

xo, Sim

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