tv that feels like hug + the [new] story your 10 year old self needs to hear

Would you believe that one of my favorite ways to practice self care is to turn on the TV?

Of course a walk outside, journaling, barre class, a hot shower, therapy session, or a phone chat with my best friend are amazing.

And, what I’ve found to be true about myself is that often times the thing that feels best first when I’m caring for myself during overwhelm, exhaustion, or navigating a tough experience is to turn on the tv.

Not just anything on the tv. But tv that feels like a hug.

A show or movie I’ve watched multiple times. One where I know the outcome. One where I love the outcome. One where the characters feel like old friends.

I ditch distractions (my phone goes in the other room) and I just let myself get wrapped up in the comfort of the familiar.

Lately, my go-to has been rewatching Hart of Dixie. It’s cheesy and predictable and exactly what I need.

There were a few years where I didn’t let myself find comfort in tv because I thought I should be looking to ‘deeper’ forms of self care.

Well, one of the best things about finding freedom from all my food and exercise rules and learning how to have an intuitive, joyful relationship with food, movement, and my body has been how it’s extended to the other areas of my life. Including self care.

No rules or shoulds. Just simple permission to do what feels intuitive and joyful.

Last night, while I was doing just that (aka watching an episode of Hart of Dixie), one of my favorite characters Wade Kinsella shared that when he was an Eagle Scout, he told himself that he wasn’t as good as the other kids. As an adult, he still internalized that story of not being good enough.

‘Sometimes the things you tell yourself when you’re ten years old become your truth he said.

Do you relate?

If so, I’d love to reflect a bit together today:

  1. What stories did you start telling yourself when you were a kid that you’ve carried with you for your whole life?
  2. How have they held you back or caused you unnecessary pain?
  3. How do you want to re-write the story now?
  4. What opens up for you when you do?
xo, Sim

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  1. Hector says

    That if other people didn’t recognize my talents/effort, then it didn’t matter. I’m working on trying to take pride in what I can do and how it matters to me, not to anyone else.

    Unrelated question: is this movement/program just for women, or are other people welcome as well?

    Thanks very much.

    • Simonida Botic says

      I love that, Hector! Thanks for sharing. And UNMEASURED is for any + everyone who wants to be a part of it (it’s not exclusive to women!).

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