to workout or not to workout… that’s the question (and this is the answer)

Ever have one of those days when you want to make a loving choice for your future self when it comes to movement…

But you aren’t quite sure if that loving choice is to workout or rest?

I’ve got a question I ask myself that helps me so much in these moments.

If you think “omg genius” when I share it with you, take it and use it!

If you think “WTF,” feel free to throw it in the proverbial trash.

Here’s one of my absolute FAVORITE ways to decide whether to press play on an UNMEASURED barre class or say “yes please” to rest:

Am I tired from the neck up? Or am I tired from the neck down?

If I’m tired from the neck up (mentally exhausted), then movement is usually loving to my future self by creating clarity through the mind fog so I can feel mentally energized.

If I’m tired from the neck down (physically exhausted), then physical rest is usually loving to my future self because it helps me to fully recharge.

Of course, rest is ALWAYS an option… even when we aren’t tired. But, when you’re on the fence, this little tune-in-trick can help!

I love a good question since curiosity is such a powerful way to create deeper self connection.

If you give this Q a try, I’d love to know how it lands for you!

xo, Sim

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