To rest or not to rest? That’s the question [& this post has the answer]

You’ve decided you want to have a more intuitive relationship with movement.

You want to listen to you body. You’re ready to listen to your body!


How do you know when to rest v. when to move your body?

First, I really want to encourage you to take the pressure off of yourself to have the “perfect” answer.

When you have an intuitive relationship with food, movement, your body, it’s not all-or-nothing, black-and-white. You have permission to be in “the in between.”

Second, when you have that permission to be imperfect, you’ll get the pressure-free space to be curious with yourself.

Here are some questions you can pick & choose from to help get you started:

How am I feeling today — physically, mentally, emotionally?

What do I need in this moment, based on how I’m feeling?

Do I need something grounding or energizing?

If I knew movement wouldn’t change my body, would I choose to rest today? Or move my body?

If I’m choosing movement and I knew movement wouldn’t change my body, how do I want to move today?

What would feel fun? What would I enjoy? What does my real life / schedule allow?

Are there any rules I need to release about movement to be able to say “yes” to any of the above?

Third, offer yourself this affirmation:

“Even when I don’t feel in love with my body, I can always choose to act with love toward my body.”

What would it look like to act with love towards your body today in a way that’s realistic with your life?

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xo, Sim

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