The World Needs More Of You

Sarah Silverman said, “Mother Teresa didn’t walk around complaining about her thighs – she had shit to do.” Let’s chat about that shit today.

I know I can’t be alone in the serious self/life reflection that has been going on for me lately, right? As 2015 comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the year & my role in the world. Not just in my “own” world, but in the world in general. With all of the scary, tragic, and awful events that have happened over the past 12 months (mass shootings, racism, terrorism, brutality, etc) I have felt desperate to understand how my actions, thoughts, & purpose fit into the greater scheme of things. I have felt desperate to make a loving difference.

The truth is, I spend the vast majority of my time working. I am not saying that is a bad thing, but I also realize that where my time goes, so does my energy. Most of my time –> work, so most of my energy –> my work. I want my energy to go into something that creates positive ripples in the world. This means, my work has to create positive ripples. Even if it is in a small way, I want to make a difference in a world that can feel scary, dark, & confusing.

My first instinct when these feelings bubble up is to distract from them (hellloooo online shopping & Instagram). But this year all of the sadness felt too real & too common to do my standard distracting. It forced me to get real with myself & ask: why the heck do I do this? (this = my biz/work/health coaching). Is there a reason behind all of this that makes it worth it?

The truth is, I don’t care that much about kale or green juice or being “bikini ready.” Sure, those things are nice, but when life gets REAL, those are the last things I am thinking about. Thankfully, the answer to “why the heck do I do this?” was NOT so that women can eat more kale, drink more green juice & look SI ready on the beach.

I do this because this world needs YOU. You are something special, did you know that? You have gifts, love, passion, experiences, insight, authentic light, & intuition that this world needs more of. The world needs more of you.

I don’t do this work to help women get into their skinny jeans, I do it so that you can live FULLY. When you’re stressing about your thighs, punishing your body with food or exercise, feeling obsessed or out of control around food, experiencing discomfort in your body, putting off true self care because of guilt/business/something else, disconnecting from your body through dieting, or feeling like crap about yourself because of weight, food, pant size, etc. you are also experiencing distraction from your life, your joy, & your purpose!!

I know SO MANY WOMEN who are waiting until they lose 10, 20, 30 pounds, fit into a smaller size, or can finally master “perfection” to allow themselves to do the things they are being called to do. It might be anything from buying clothes that fit them well (to give them comfort & confidence to kick ass that day) to taking a trip they’ve dreamed of for years (to inspire them to take chances or create & cultivate once back at home) to putting themselves out there to meet a romantic partner (to challenge them and help them take on the world) to starting a family (to bring up a generation of strong, confident children) and leaving a job they hate and pursue their passion (to change the world).

I do this work because I don’t want you to wait to do the things that matter – small or large. I do this work to help you experience true clarity, confidence, & contentment.

Because you’re worth it.

Because you’ve got what the world needs.

Because when you’re nourishing your body & nurturing your life, you will be free to live FULLY.

Bottom line? You & me & the women of this world have shit to do!! Important & awesome & amazing shit. Mother Teresa isn’t the only person who has more important things to do than worry about her thighs. We do, too! You are not your body, pant size, or body fat percentage. As Gabby Bernstein says, “you are a spiritual being having a human experience.”

I do this because the world needs more of you <3

Do my clients lose weight & eat more kale? If they have weight to lose or their bodies need more veggies, then yeah. But that isn’t WHY I care about this work or WHY I do it. I care about it because when a woman is nourishing her body & nurturing her soul, she shows up for her life FULLY… & that means this world that can feel dark and scary instantly becomes a bit more light.

Are you living fully? Or are body image, food obsession, the diet-binge roller coaster, lack of self-trust, and/or something else blocking you from showing up to your life fully?

Here are some journaling prompts to try:

If there was NOTHING about me to fix, I would/could [do/say/experience/try/be/feel] ___.

If I was living fully, it would look like ___.

xo, Sim

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  1. Shelly says

    Amen, sista Simi!!!! Love this post so, so much. Totally resonates with me and gave me goose bumps in the best way. So glad you’re here doing YOUR thing. Thank you for making this world birghtert! xoxo

    • Simi Botic says

      I am so glad it resonated with you!! I love you & am so glad you are doing your thing, too! You inspire ME!! XOXO

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