The Sprinkle Pit Is Waiting For You

Last week, our family and dear friends visited the Windy City for some 4th of July fun. We had a pretty epic agenda planned — seeing Sue the T. Rex, watching the Cubs play, tea at the Peninsula, a boat cruise, and more. All the adults wanted to show the kids some Chicago magic (of course we had to point out our old stomping grounds along the way).

We decided to leave the car seats behind and embrace city living like to good old days. Who needs an Uber when you can walk to your destination (or at the very least to the nearest bus stop).

Unfortunately, on day 2, Mother Nature unleashed a downpour that was so intense our phones were lighting up with flash flood warning alarms. There we were, looking out the window of our hotel rooms, wondering how the F we were going to walk anywhere.

So we did what we had to do (if we didn’t want to stay stuck inside a hotel room all day, and we definitely did not). We grabbed the last parkas at CVS and ran into the rain-pocalypse with our kids in our arms (and on our shoulders and under our parkas) towards the Museum of Ice Cream.

Yes, there were capital-M-Meltdowns.

Yes, we were soaked (although the $6 parkas were surprisingly resilient).


Finally, we came upon the bright pink beacon in the sky.

We made it through the annoying ticket buying experience, picked our “ice cream names,” and prayed this was going to be worth it.

Spoiler alert? It was!

Literally a highlight of the trip for everyone.

We spent hours of a rainy day eating hot dog flavored ice cream, riding pink elephants, and diving into a gigantic sprinkle pit!!

It was totally worth the trouble of getting there. And, while I was laying in bed that night looking through fun photos from the day, I realized that what was true about the ice cream museum that day is true of a lot of things in life.

Sometimes you have to be willing to run through the rain to get to the sprinkle pit on the other side.

As we’ve been talking about living from our essence and working through our fears these last few weeks, I think it’s important to remember: the outcome of the challenges we choose to go through are oftentimes SO worth it in the end.

xo, Sim

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