The racist roots of diet culture [+ a great resource if you want to learn more]

I’m so grateful that you’re here with me in this little space on the internet.

In light of the devastating turmoil in our world cause by racism and racist systems of oppression, I wanted to connect with you here.

Our country and the people in our country are reeling from the pain, trauma, inequality, and black lives lost caused by white supremacy. It has been and continues to be so important for all of us to be doing anti-racism work: in ourselves, in our relationships, in our communities, and beyond.

My work and this space here focus on intuitive eating, intuitive movement, emotional wellbeing, releasing perfectionism, and healing body image.

What I want to share with you today is that diet culture and fatphobia are rooted in racism.

By being here and doing this work in yourself, you are also beginning to dismantle part of an oppressive system.

If you’re interested in learning more about this, I cannot recommend reading Fearing The Black Body by Sabrina Strings enough.

At the core of the the mission of my work and the conversations we have here are these embedded truths:

  • Each person deserves to feel enough.
  • Each of you is worthy.
  • Each human is meant to feel safe and at home in their body.
  • Each body deserves to be treated with respect.

The absolute truth that BLACK LIVES MATTER is an essential part of this.

In solidarity with the #amplifymelanatedvoices initiative created by @blackandembodied + @jessicawilson.msrd, I am not sharing any personal content this week. This is an opportunity to listen, learn, reflect, and (!) take action.

Black lives (and voices) matter.

I’ll continue to share the voices and messages of BIPOC as well as anti-racism resources in my Instagram stories for the rest of the week (and beyond) if you’re looking for voices to amplify in your feed.

To the black people in this community, I stand with you. If there is something you’ve written, created, or posted that I can share, I would love to uplift your voice.

I’m more committed than ever to doing the anti-racism work in myself and ensuring this space is part of that work. The work doesn’t end after this week.

I am and will continue to be open to feedback and commit to non-defensively listen when you share with me how I can do it better.

It won’t be ‘enough’ until we no longer need hashtags like #blacklivesmatter because it’s a given. There is a lot of work to do – let’s not let that keep us from LISTENING, learning, reflecting, digging deep, and taking imperfect action.

Here for you and with you. With love (and hope and action).

I truly believe that the caring, compassionate spirit of this community we have here can be part of the healing change and justice this world needs. Let’s do it imperfectly, together.

xo, Sim

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