the most powerful intention you can set

Over on IG, I’ve been doing a morning story series called “Coffee In The Car Chat.” I even sing my own theme song (I’m sorry, and you’re welcome).

Most morning this month, I’m sharing what I hope will feel supportive to you during the final month of 2021 and the transition into the new year.

A whole new year? That’s a big transition! I think big transitions deserve big intention.

I’ve been saving them all to my IG story highlights, which you can watch here anytime.

Today, I want to share one of the messages here with you:

So many of us have developed a hypervigilant approach to navigating our lives. Hypervigilance can present in many ways, including people-pleasing, perfection, and constant worrying that people are mad at you.

I would know because witnessing, comforting, and healing the part of myself that feels the need to be hypervigilant is something I’ve worked diligently on within myself over the past decade.

If you experience a version of this, then today’s message is for you.

As you think about the intentions (or goals or resolutions, whatever word resonates with you) you may want to set in the new year:

Be conscious of the moments when you’re so focused on outrunning what you’re afraid might happen that you miss out on enjoying + appreciating the very real things that already are.

Sometimes the most powerful intention you can set is to choose to be here now. The small micro moments of shifting from fear to love can really add up.

xo, Sim

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