The Magic of Mothering Yourself

There is magic in mothering yourself.

I know Mother’s Day is often about our relationships with others. And, I know that for each of us, this day may bring up many different emotions, reactions, memories.

This month in HELD we’ve been diving into the theme of inner critic.

Much of what we’ve talked about so far is how the inner critic — that inner voice that often meets you with judgment — first develops with the positive intention of self protection. When your inner child feels afraid, not enough, too much, rejected, or wounded, the inner critic can develop as a way to protect that part of yourself. The intent of self protection can be positive even if experiencing the inner critic is anything but.

All month long in HELD we’re practicing really being with ALL parts of ourselves. The hopes, dreams, fears, feelings.

What do your inner child & inner critic (or whatever you prefer to call these parts of yourself) truly need?

To feel seen, heard, unconditionally loved. To be held.

Your inner mother wants to offer you all of these. To say to you, “wow that must have been so hard. I can see you’re hurting. I’m here with you. I love you. I’ll stay with you, hold you, and care for you through this.”

This Mother’s Day, whatever this holiday brings up for you, your inner mother can meet you in the hopes, dreams, fears, feelings. To see and hear you. To offer you unconditional love. To hold you.

There is magic in mothering yourself.

xo, Sim

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