Taking your healing, change, growth to the next level [one simple step here]

At least once a day I get a message from someone sharing that they’ve read all the books about intuitive eating, they’re practicing all the affirmations to prioritize rest, they’ve listened to all the self-help podcasts, and/or they are finally promising themselves that they deserve to experience joy + freedom today.

Then they go on to share, ‘but it doesn’t feel true.When will it feel true?’You can read all the books, say all the affirmations, listen to all the podcasts, and make a million promises to yourself, but it won’t feel true until you’re taking action.

Action is something that is so important and necessary if you’re looking to grow, change, and / or heal in any area of your life.

In healing, changing, growing – whether intuitive eating + movement, body image work, releasing perfectionism, or something else – there is important mindset work to be done. Reframing thoughts, opening up expectations, discovering new ways of seeing yourself + the world is all so powerful. This mindset works is ESSENTIAL.

And, it’s not the whole story.

It’s necessary to go the next step and take action based on these new ways of thinking. Your subconscious needs proof that something is true before your belief system can really change deep down inside.

If you’ve read all the intuitive eating books and you tell yourself you no longer have to follow the food rules, yet you continue to eat only the foods off of your ‘good food’ list, it’s not going to feel true.

If you’re telling yourself over and over, ‘I have permission to rest’ but you stick to your workout schedule without any regard for how you’re feeling or what you want / need that day, it’s not going to feel true.

If you’re promising yourself that you will say ‘yes’ to the things that make you feel joy and allow you to have fun no matter how your clothes fit that day, yet you turn down all the things that bring you pleasure because your jeans feel tight, it’s not going to feel true.

Yes – you no longer have to follow the food rules.

Yes – you have permission to rest.

Yes – you deserve joy + fun + pleasure.

All of those things ARE true. But, they won’t feel true until you take the actions to prove it.

Eat lunch at 10:47 AM if you’re hungry.

Sleep in and enjoy a slow morning if you’re tired.

Head to the beach and have a blast in the fresh air if that feels fun.Take the action, which sends a message to your subconscious, ‘We are safe to do this. We are ok. This is true.’

It’s not going to feel true deep down inside until your actions match the thoughts.

Someone can tell you they love you a million times but if their actions contradict their words, you won’t believe them. Our actions speak louder than our words when it comes to self-trust, too.

What if…

Rather than reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts, practicing all the affirmations, and making all the promises…

You let yourself focus on one thing — and then took action on that?

Where is one area in your life you’re working on healing, changing, or growing? What’s one mindset shift you’re making in that area? And, what is one super specific action you can take in the next 24 hours that is an extension of that?

All the books, podcasts, affirmations, and promises are awesome but they can get a bit overwhelming + can even distract from following through with one small yet powerful step forward.

Action is necessary for self-trust. For growth, for change, for healing. For something to feel true.

xo, Sim

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