Struggling with food comparison?

I’m about to hop on a plane and fly out West with Oshy Bear! But, before I do, I wanted to share something that came up a lot with my private coaching clients earlier this week.

After a holiday weekend with lots of parties, BBQs, and travel, I had a number of clients share that they found themselves really struggling with food comparison. 

You too?

Do you struggle with comparing what you eat or how much you eat to the people around you?

If your BFF only eats half of her brunch do you feel like you shouldn’t have finished your whole plate? 

If she doesn’t want to go for ice cream after dinner do you tell yourself that you shouldn’t get it either? 

If so, I want to share a super simple question you can ask yourself to help you shift from comparison to self-connection in those moments.

The next time you find yourself comparison what or how much you eat or what you eat to someone you’re with, you can ask yourself…

“What can her choices tell me about MY body?”

The answer: nothing at all.

This is a great reminder to connect back to yourself and check in with your needs, what is feeling good to you, your hunger / fullness, and your satisfaction in the present moment. 

What is your body sharing with you right now?

She knows what’s up!

xo, Sim

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