Ready for a reset? Read this first!

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, and get cozy!

​I’ve missed you!

And, I’m so happy to be back here with you (more on my big life transition and what you can expect moving forward here) for weekly-ish notes from my heart to yours. Let’s do it!

​Have you ever panic-ordered a juice cleanse while scribbling down an intense workout routine you plan to follow at the same time to “reset” so you could “get back on track?”

Years ago, when I was struggling in my relationship with my body, this happened to me on more than one occasion. Like, many more than one occasion.

On the surface of those many occasions, I was desperate and wanted to feel like I was in control of my body.

Beneath the surface, I felt completely disconnected from myself and needed to learn how to create that connection.

I wanted control. I needed connection.

Over time, I was able to see the desire to place a panicked juice cleanse order as a 🆘 RED ALERT 🆘 for a different kind of reset. Not the kind where you avoid fiber for a week. I needed to reset(tle) and re-ground into who I was, what I needed, and what I desired.

While I no longer spend 💸💸💸 on bottled vegetables, I do at times experience the chaotic energy of feeling far away from my true essence.

It still typically shows up in some form of trying to control (panic cleaning/organizing the house or snapping at my loved ones just to name a few…).

I try to notice those 🆘 moments with compassion and notice my frantic attempts to control as what they really are: my deep-down need for connection.

And, I have a favorite practice to help me do that.

This practice always fills me with a sense of peace. It always gives me insights into small (or sometimes big) shifts I can make to feel more like me!

It always brings me home to myself.

Personally, I’ve done this practice many times as I reset/reground into my business.

I’d love to share it with you today! My hope is that it will help you come home to yourself, too (and maybe even save you some money on juice cleanses).

In a comfortable space (laying down in bed, sitting on a comfy couch, or even walking in nature), take a few deep breaths, and maybe even close your eyes.

Picture a version of yourself experiencing deep contentment. No proving or explaining, this version of you radiates gentle confidence, deeply connected to your worth. Your essence shines through.

What do you notice about this version of you? Where are you? What are you doing (or not doing)?

What thoughts does this version of you have regularly? How does this version of you speak to yourself? What beliefs does this version of you have?

How do you care for yourself? How do you interact with others?

What do you value? How do you feel?

What other questions do you have for yourself? Ask the questions!

What does this version/part of you want to share with you?

I’d definitely encourage you to write down what you experience in this visualization.

What did you learn?

What opportunities do you have?

What shifts — big or small — do you want to create?

How do you feel after connecting with this part of yourself?

xo, Sim

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