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As Abraham Hicks said, “a belief is a thought you keep thinking.”

How many thoughts have you had about your body that you keep thinking?

From very early on in each of our lives, we were exposed to other people’s body beliefs. These beliefs likely come your way through comments directed at you, comments said around you, media messaging, and more. These moments create experiences, internalized “meaning,” and become part of the inner story that you are constantly telling yourself.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women on healing body image and each one has her own body story full of beliefs that started with thoughts that got repeated.

Are you craving healing when it comes to body image?

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Exploring your own body story is an important part of healing body image, too.

I’d love to guide you to explore yours a bit, if you’re open to that today. If so, I encourage you to grab a pen & paper, proceeding with compassion and curiosity for yourself.

When you think back to your childhood, what were the comments, stories, or messages you received about bodies – yours & other people’s? These experiences most likely included family/care givers and medical providers (like a pediatrician).

Did any of those thoughts stick with you, repeated, ultimately turning into body beliefs?

What about in your adolescence and teenage years? During this time, experiences with peers and media can become prominent, as well.

Did any of those thoughts stick with you, repeated, ultimately turning into body beliefs?

Finally, what about adulthood? This may be a time when experiences with social media and co-workers contributed to your inner body narrative.

Did any of those thoughts stick with you, repeated, ultimately turning into body beliefs?

Releasing judgment and embracing compassionate curiosity: what is the story you’re telling yourself about your body? How does that story feel for you?

Understanding your body story is an important place to start! We can only reframe our thoughts in a meaningful way when we begin with compassionate awareness.

Yes, reframing our thoughts about bodies can be challenging work. And, it’s absolutely necessary if you desire to create new body beliefs.

What is the story you truly want to write about your body?

What thoughts, if repeated, might help you to write a new chapter in your body story?

Write it all down as you let yourself really explore this.

xo, Sim

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