No, Your Mantra Doesn’t Suck


It can be such a powerful reminder of a conscious belief we are intentionally working to embody.

Write them on post it notes, add reminders in your phone, say them to yourself throughout the day. However you love to use mantras, these intentional reminders are awesome ways to reinforce our beliefs.

For example, let’s say that you’re working on experiencing more positive body image.

I love this for you!

So, you adopt the mantra: ⭐ All bodies are meant to change ⭐

What a fab mantra!

You’ve got a post-it note on your mirror and you smile in the morning while you brush your teeth and see those words reflected back at you.

Maybe a friend shares that she’s going through some postpartum body changes.

You remember, “our bodies are made to change” — fully believing it!

Maybe your niece is going through puberty and her body is shifting or your son just came downstairs telling you that all of a sudden his pants are capris because he’s gotten so tall.

You remember, “our bodies are made to change” — fully believing it!

Maybe your haven’t seen your parents in a while and when they come to visit they’ve got more wrinkles and their hair is fully grey. Different from the last visit!

You remember, “our bodies are made to change” — fully believing it!

But, something very different happens when you’re start to pack for an upcoming beach vacation and you take out all your summer clothes, realizing that the shorts you bought a few years back no longer fit.

You feel the pit in your stomach as panic takes over. You try to squat down a few times… maybe they shrunk in the wash and you can stretch them out?

But they don’t stretch and you’re there in your room, standing in front of the mirror, feeling the denim squeeze your thighs.

🗣 ALL BODIES ARE MADE TO CHANGE!!! 🗣 you scream at yourself inside.

But, why isn’t it helping?

You totally believed it when you were feeling good. You totally believed it for the other people in your life. But right now… it’s not feeling very true.

When we feel activated in a tough moment, our conscious beliefs get overtaken by our subconscious fears and desires.

Things like: wanting to be loved, wanted to feel accepted, fear of rejection, fear of failure.

When our core fears/desires feel like they are at risk, we shift into our sympathetic nervous system and panic. This is when we might dip into old coping mechanisms as a way to self protect — people pleasing, perfectionism, restriction, or highly critical inner dialogue all as a way to control what feels SCARY and OUT OF CONTROL.

In these moments, we typically need more than a mantra.

We need things like…

❤️ practices to help regulate our nervous systems (movement helps)

❤️ ways to process those core fears/desires (here are some questions you can ask yourself)

❤️ practices that create self-connection even in times of disregulation (like theUnMeasured movement membership, which is one of my personal favorites)

❤️ frameworks that help us to move forward through tough moments connected to our values (like this framework I shared on parenting our inner toddler)

❤️ self-compassion (episode 3 of the UnMeasured podcast can help 🎙️)

A good mantra is awesome but, sometimes, we need MORE.

xo, Sim

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