Moving With + Through Big Feelings

If you’re an empath – which so many of us here in this community are – then I know you’re feeling big feelings right now.

With so much pain in the world, I know it’s filling your heart, racing your mind, and keeping you up at night.

Yesterday, I chatted with my friend Olga about being an empath. She shared that she sees empaths (and empathy) as the glue that holds this world together. Isn’t that so beautiful?

So, while it can, at times, feel like a burden to experience the feelings of the world, know that your empathy is a GIFT. The world needs you!

I can’t wait to share the full conversation with you when it’s out on her podcast, but today I’ll share a highlight.

We talked about the link we see so often in the women we work with (and that we’ve seen in ourselves, too) between being an empath, people pleasing, and perfection. We talked about how relationships can become one-sided when we forget to let others in. And, we talked about the resentment and burn out that empaths often experience.

If you identify as an empath…

Have you struggled with people pleasing and / or perfection?

Do you often feel that your relationships are all give give give?

Have you felt intense resentment or experienced burn out?

When you feel the emotion of those around you, it’s natural to want to help, support, and offer care. I have no doubt of your natural ability to hold those around you and sometimes even the weight of the world.

But, empaths have to also learn how to do something that may not come quite so naturally: hold themselves (and even allow others to do the same).

Olga and I talked about some of our favorite ways to care for ourselves so we can show up for others and the world. One of the tops ways for both of us?


Yes, diet culture can make movement all about punishing, manipulating, and controlling our bodies (and trust me, I spent so many years viewing it in that way). But, it does NOT have to be that way. Movement can be a powerful way of caring for ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Movement — when done in an intuitive, joyful way — can allow us move with and through BIG feelings.

Intuitive, joyful movement (like we are cultivating + celebrating in UNMEASURED) can help us to get present in and really connect deeply with our bodies when it feels like our minds are racing non-stop.

Movement can be a powerful way to open your heart, express yourself, and take up space.

Movement can help you to really FEEL what’s coming up for you rather than pushing it down or ignoring it.

Not all things can be “resolved” or “fixed” in this moment. Movement allows us to be with what is, feel it, move through it, release it.

If you’re an empath and you’re holding the pain of the world right now, I want you to know that your gift of empathy is a gift to the world. And, I want you to know that it’s important for you to hold yourself the way you hold everyone else.

Take a few minutes today and see how some movement feels.

Dance to a song that’s calling to you.

Stretch to open your heart.

Wrap your arms around your body and give yourself a hug.

Or, meet me on your mat for some joyful, intuitive barre.

Move with + through those big feelings.

You’re not alone – I’m moving right along with you.

xo, Sim

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