‘Modification’ Is Not A Dirty Word

Last night, I got to be a guest coach for a group led by my friends Jules and Holly. We chatted all about creating a joy-filled, intuitive relationship with movement (it was so fun).

I’m so passionate about this topic, as I truly feel we ALL deserve ease + joy in our relationships with movement & rest.

[which is one of the many reasons I love sharing UNMEASURED virtual barre membership with you]

One thing that came up in the chat was the idea that ‘modification’ is NOT a dirty word.

Shifting the ways you talk about + feel about modifications (and the stories you create around modifying in movement) are incredibly supportive ways of creating a more intuitive relationship with movement.

And, essential to reclaiming movemet (and rest) in a way that HONORS your body.

Let’s reflect together…

What are some stories you’ve told yourself about ‘modifying’?

What are messages you’ve received in workout classes, playing team sports, in magazines, or online about modifications?

Have you been told a modification as ‘less impressive’ or ‘not good enough’?

Notice what comes up for you here without judgment!

Now, what if you reframe modifications as OPPORTUNITIES?

Opportunities to care for + honor your body today?

Opportunities to move in ways that feel supportive + safe?

Opportunities to ENJOY movement more because it feels good?

Opportunities to stop viewing your body as a problem to be fixed and instead as something worth caring for?

What if what’s ‘impressive’ or ‘enough’ is no longer about what you do, and instead becomes about honoring what you need and how you feel instead?

What your body needs and how your body feels will shift and change every day.

Giving yourself OPPORTUNITIES to honor that will bring so much more ease + joy to your reltionship with movement.

How does your relationship with movement (+ rest) shift, grow, change when you eliminate the hierarchy of movement – of what is impressive or enough – and give yourself OPTIONS and OPPORTUNITIES instead?

I’d love to hear! Hit reply & let me know.

Here’s to honoring what your body needs today!

xo, Sim

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