it’s good to be bad

I want to let you in on a secret that will change your life for the better…

It’s good to be bad.

My kids have been blowing my mind with everything they are learning how to do right now. From reading to challenging new routes at the climbing gym to cooking eggs to getting themselves ready for the day and even navigating new/tricky social dynamics.

If I’m honest, I’ve had moments of wondering how they handle being constantly hit with another thing they are (at first) bad at but have to practice & (eventually) learn how to do well.

Then, I started to think about how rare it is for adults to do new things that we are (at first) bad at but have to practice & (eventually) learn how to do well.

I think it’s hurting us!!

We forget it’s ok to be bad at things. We forget how to be bad at things and then it makes us scared to be bad at things, so we don’t do anything new/different. When we aren’t ever letting ourselves be bad, we don’t get to tap into that inner strength, belief in ourselves, and resilience that it takes to practice and eventually get better.

So, I started to embrace the idea that it’s good to be bad.

It’s been challenging, humbling, and so much fun.

From playing around on my mat with new (balance-challenge-wobble-inducing) barre sequences to finally saying “yes” to a hobby I’ve wanted to try for years (horseback riding!!) to writing fiction to practicing a new core belief about myself (while working to release an old one I’ve held onto for decades) and more… I’m letting myself be bad at it all.

And, I’m loving the feeling of slowly getting better.

If you’re pretty good at everything you do on most days, I’d highly encourage you to find a way to let yourself be bad.

What’s something in your life you really desire, but you’d have to be bad at it first?

xo, Sim

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