I’m too old for this (I almost believed the lie!)

A few years ago I started to wonder if I was “too old” to run an online business. Everyone I saw on Instagram seemed to be 22. Tiktok was taking off and I was trying to figure out what it even was. It felt like everyone already had a podcast and the market for that was oversaturated.

Maybe I’m too old for this, I thought. And I almost thought it enough times to believe it!!

Years later, I no longer feel too old for this. I am feeling very grateful for the ways Instagram lets me connect with you. I’m figuring out Tiktok so I can give it a try (no promises here, but I’m going to do my best hahahah). After years of wanting to do it, I’m finally launching the Unmeasured Podcast this fall! AND, I’m older than I was when I thought, maybe I’m too old for this.

On Saturday night, I saw Billy Joel in concert. I have never looked forward to a concert more in my life and it exceeded every expectation I had. He was legendary. He had such a naturally confident presence and his energy was contagious. The skill!! The talent!! Out of this world.

The excellence we got to experience at that concert was the result of decades and decades of refinement. He shared songs from albums that he told us barely sold a copy. He shared songs that were chart toppers. And everything in between. It was all of those highs and lows — and his commitment to continuing/resilience that made him who he is today.

What if he 30 years ago he thought, I’m too old for this or that album wasn’t a hit and stopped?!?!?

Now, I promise you that I’m not comparing my career to Billy Joel’s.

Just pointing out that what our inner critic says out of fear is not necessarily the advice we need to take on what to do next.

If there is something your inner critic is telling you…

I’m too old for this

I’m too young for this

My body isn’t good enough for that

If it’s not perfect, it’s not good enough

I won’t ever be healthy if I listen to my body

Nobody could love me like this

Or whatever else you hear, here’s what you can do next instead:

Look for evidence to the contrary.

Think you’re too old to have a rocking career? LOOK AT BILLY JOEL! That’s EVIDENCE! His many many years of experience and wisdom that can only come with more age are what make him so spectacular today.

Whatever it is that your inner critic is telling you, I want you to look for someone, something, or even at your own past personal experiences to SHOW YOU that something else is possible.

I promise the proof is there.

xo, Sim

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