I let myself go.

What’s one of the worst things a woman learns she can do? “Let herself go.”

Pause for a moment and think of ALL the ways you’ve received that message over the years.

So, it’s no wonder that so many of us are terrified of finding freedom from diet culture, releasing perfectionism, and embracing self-compassion.

Are you afraid that if you find freedom from the rules, if you release the excruciating expectations, or if you acknowledge the truth that you’re already enough… that you’ll “let yourself go,” too?

I know it can feel scary to let go of what you’ve been clinging to, working towards, and judging yourself against for so long.

Who will I be without it?

What will I become?

The truth is, along this healing path you will let go of a lot. The goals and the measurements and the “shoulds” that never came from within in the first place.

But what will you gain?

The clarity of what truly matters to you.

The energy to do what brings you joy.

The GIFT of who you truly are ♥️

You’re worth knowing!

As someone who has let herself go, I can tell you life is beautiful on the other side of all the clinging.

I let myself go.

You can, too.

On the other side of measuring everything you do against suffocating expectations, you get to be unmeasured.



xo, Sim

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