how to navigate changes to routine with ease

If you’re in a season of life like I am, then you’re navigate some changes in routine.

Whether the changes are elective (like a new movement practice) or essential (like the start of the school year), I’ve got some simple questions you can ask yourself to help you navigate the transitions with a bit more ease!

I’m practicing ALL of these right now as our family navigates the most changes to routine that we have since having Osh nearly five years ago.

A lot of layers going on over here! These five questions are majorly helping:

First, is this change absolutely necessary and / or beneficial?

Maybe the change in routine in necessary, like a new school year beginning, and you have to adapt.

Maybe the change in routine is something you’re choosing to make happen because you believe it will be helpful.

Sometimes we see other people doing things and we feel a subconscious pressure or internal comparison to do what they do. I can’t encourage you enough to use this question as a tool to help you to get a personal gauge around whether the chance is necessary or beneficial to your life.

Second, what do I need to do so that I can feel as supported as possible in this transition?

Right now is the first time everyone in my house needs to be up and out of the house first thing in the AM. To feel supported in this, I made a Sunday night checklist for the week ahead as well as a night before check list for the weekdays This has allowed the mornings to feel more relaxing!

In whatever change you’re navigating, check in with what would make it feel more supportive.

Third, what can I do to make this change in routine as simple as possible?

You don’t have to do it all at once. Start with the simplest next step! Make it as simple as possible at first and when you’re comfortable you can always choose to add on additional layers later.

Fourth, when are you going to have an intentional check in with yourself about how it’s going and what, if any, changes would feels good to make?

For me personally, I usually commit to a new routine for two weeks. This feels (for me) long enough to adjust a bit, get used to the new routine, and see how it feels past the initial discomfort and / or excitement about the change.

What about this is going well? What do I want to change? Ask yourself at the end of the time and see what you discover!

Fifth, what unrealistic expectations do you already have going into this new routine that you want to release, right here + right now?

Releasing unrealistic expectations is going to be an ongoing process.

In fact, it’s an unrealistic expectations to “release” them now an expect them never to come up again. Releasing unrealistic expectations is an ongoing practice and awareness about them at the beginning is key!

Lastly (and you know I saved the best for last): how will you offer yourself compassion during this change of routine?

What do you imagine might happen that would be challenging or uncomfortable in this new routine? What might it sound like to offer yourself compassion in those moments? Because you will need it. I will need it. We will all need it!!

I hope that one, some, or all of these questions feels supportive to you as you navigate new changes, experiences, and routines!

I’m right here with you.

xo, Sim

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