How do I learn how to make the “right” choices with food and exercise?

Monday was the first day of my doula training with Mama Glow and it’s been so incredible. I’ve followed and admired Latham Thomas for years (since back in my corporate attorney days) and am so grateful for this opportunity to be in her presence + learn from her.

At the very start of the week, Latham shared this with our class:

‘There is a lot to learn, but there is also a lot to remember. This is more about remembering.’

WOW. I couldn’t write it down quickly enough.

Let her words sink in for a moment.

Yes, there are things to learn.

But we also have so much wisdom deep within our bodies simply waiting to be remembered.

Often times, the most valuable work is remembering what you’ve long known and have somehow forgotten or disconnected from.

This is at the core of what we do here [releasing perfectionism, healing your relationship with food + your body, embracing your beautifully imperfect life]: reconnecting + remembering.

It’s about reconnecting with and remembering the wisdom you have deep down, the answers you’ve known all along, and the truth that’s already yours.

If you’ve wondered to yourself, ‘how do I learn how to make the “right” choices with food and exercise?’ I want to share a simple question that can help to guide you.

To guide you away from learning a bunch of new rules…

To guide you back to the wisdom you simply need to remember.

Does this choice bring me closer to myself? Or take me further away?

You’ve got everything you need inside.

What does your body want you to remember?

xo, Sim

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