Here for you this holiday season and beyond

Good morning, friends.

WIth the holiday season upon us, I want to offer you some love, warmth, and encouragement.

During this time of year, when the food fears can feel extra strong, body thoughts can feel challenging, perfectionism can feel intense, diet culture can feel loud…

I hope this space will be a soft place for you to land. A place for you to feel supported, encouraged, seen, and held.

Grab a cozy cup of coffee, make yourself comfotable, and dive in for a little support + encoruagement:

First, from November 30 – December 6, I’ll be guiding a group through my FREE 7-day Movement Mindset Series in real time.

Join me here for a week’s worth of mindset shifts, reframes, and intentions to help you experience a more joy-filled, flexible, intuitive relationship with movement sent right to your inbox each morning.

Plus, we’ll continue the conversation daily over at @MovementUnmeasured (including an IG live where I’ll answer all your movement questions).

Whether you’ve done the Movement Mindset Series before or this will be your first time, I’d love to have you join us here.

The more the merrier – invite your friends!

And (!) one person will win a 3-month UNMEASURED virtual barre membership at the end of the week!

Second, I have some new podcast episodes to share with you! In the last month, I had the joy of chatting with three amazing women on their podcasts. Here’s where you can tune-in:

In this conversation with Stephanie of the Eat With Confidence podcast, we chat about creating a joyful relationship with movement AND rest.

Listen here for loving reminders that movement gets to work with your real life (it’s not something you should have to schedule your life around), encoruagement to take the rest you need + deserve, guidance on how to cultivate connection with your body so you can move intuitively, and so much more.

In this conversation with Marisa of the UDEFINED podcast, we talk about granting yourself permission to feel.

Listen here for conversation on learning how to cope with your emotions and giving yourself permission to feel them while navigating what it’s like to live in a society / culture that demands we produce / perform no matter what is going on inside, tuning in to your intuition (the ‘deep knowing’), and so much more.

And, in this conversation with Jennie of Think To Thrive podcast, we talk about finding strength in gentleness.

Listen here for a chat about the (winding) road to food freedom, healing your relationship with yourself, cultivating peace + confidence + love + connection from within, and so much more.

I hope one or more of these will feel like a big hug from me to you.

p.s. Please know, your presence here is such a gift to me! I’m here for you this holiday season and beyond.

xo, Sim

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