Good Courage

In 1980, my dad’s cousin Jasmina sent my mom a book about the Serbo-Croatian language. On the inside cover, she wrote her a beautiful note that ended with ‘good courage because Serbo-Croatian is not easy.’

I don’t know if I’ve ever loved a sign off more than that.

Good courage.

I spent so many year shying away from good courage in favor of what was ‘easy.’

I looked for and tried every ‘quick fix.’ It was disappointment after disappointment because the quick fixes never gave me the perfect life they promised.

I learned two major things from that time: Anything that promises you a perfect life is a lie.

But more than that, seeking those quick fixes robs you from cultivating that good courage that comes from really looking at what matters to you and doing the daily work it takes to honor that. There is no ‘quick fix’ to learning to let go of perfection.

But, with good courage and consistent effort, I know that it is possible.

It’s not always easy but you’re worth the effort.

Repeat after me: I am WORTH the effort!

xo, Sim

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