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This morning, I rolled out my mat to take an UNMEASURED barre class.

I was excited to move.

Then, I started to take the class — a class I’d taken a few times before (heck, I was the one who created it in the first place) — and it felt hard.

Like, harder than any of those other times.

And this is one of those small moments that I’ve learned is actually a big moment. Because how I respond to the experience is going to pave the path for where I go next.

Do I want to beat myself up because it was easier last time? Do I want to make this mean something is wrong with me and I better fix it? Do I want to give myself the third-degree about why it’s harder now?

I bet we can all see what path that would take me down, right?

OR, do I want to ask myself a simple question that could allow me to feel even more like MYSELF and change my life for the better in the process?

I want to choose that second one.

If you want to choose that second one, too, here’s the question:

What belief do I say that I believe, that if I really lived aligned with, and embodied right now would completely change the way I experience this moment?

You already hold the belief on some level — if you were to really believe it right now by aligning your thoughts, self, and next steps with it… what could happen?

In my morning movement example, the belief I already hold deep down is this:

Our bodies are not static, they are changing. They naturally feel differently on different days and need different things on different days.

When I align with and embody that belief? Suddenly, I can meet myself with understanding, compassion, and care.

I take an entirely different path from the one that was lined with judgment, frustration, and “fixing” a problem that was never there in the first place.

I get to feel more like ME because I’m actually living in a way that honors my deep-down beliefs.

And, in a fully different headspace, my day shifts. My experience in my body shifts. My life shifts.

Give it a try if you’d like and let me know how it shifts things for you!



p.s. if you’re looking for movement that meets you (and your body) right where you’re at today, I’m here for you in UNMEASURED!

xo, Sim

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