First, you’ve got to learn how to hold your instrument.

Tis the season of the cutest thing ever, which was Osh’s holiday concert at school last week.

We got to see his sweet little class sing Christmas Carols together, and I thought my heart might melt out of my body.

Since his holiday concert included the whole school, we also saw the older kiddos in the band perform.

Seeing those band kids on stage brought back so many memories for me. Any other band kids out there? I played the alto sax, and being part of band was a huge part of my growing up experience.

The band teacher was so intentional in sharing what each class was working on within each piece they performed. When the first-year band kids took the stage, she shared how foundational this year was for them. The kids learned essential skills, like how to hold their instruments and how to practice.

I was so inspired by their courage to try and learn something new. I may or may not have cried a few happy tears.

When they played, it was clear they were not masters of their craft. And, when the teacher explained what they’d been working on, it was even clearer that the music they were making was magical in its own way.

The new year is just around the corner, so you may be starting to set your intentions, make goals, or pick a word of the year.

Psst, in next week’s email, I’ll share with you exactly how I tackle “new year resolutions” and offer some ideas that you can weave into your process.

As you prepare to embark on something new – whether speaking to yourself with compassion, eating intuitively, moving with more joy, setting boundaries, healing your relationship with your body, or something else – think of yourself like those kids in the first-year band.

Do you want to be masterful at the flute or trombone (or whatever your version of this is)? I’m sure!

But first, you’ve got to learn the foundational skills that will carry you there.

You’ve got to learn how to hold your instrument and practice.

Being inspired by the process instead of only the destination is pretty amazing. I’ll be over here, in awe of your courage to try and learn something new. Celebrating you every step of the way!

xo, Sim

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