don’t let someone else paint your picture

When I first started coaching many years ago, I heard over and over again that I needed to paint an “after” picture for clients.

What your relationship with food would be like, what clothes you’d feel freedom to wear, how your life would change, etc. so you could see what was possible. I needed to show you what life would look like “after” we’d work together.

Over the years of working with hundreds of women, I’ve learned so much.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that no two women are exactly alike.

Intuitive eating, intuitive movement, healthier body image, embracing your beautifully imperfect life… it’s not one size fits all.

What it looks like for you will be different from what it looks like for me.

That’s the point after all, right?

Rather than trying to fit yourself into someone else’s “should,” you get to discover the freedom to be who you truly are.

The more I witnessed this truth, the harder it got to “paint an after picture” for someone else. It became incredibly clear to me that we are all our own artists.

I can paint a picture of my own experiences, hopes, dreams, challenges, growth, and life.

But I cannot paint yours.

That is a wisdom and artistry that only you possess.

Over time I realized that my job isn’t to tell you what your life should look like and how you should get there. That’s recreating the same problem in a new way.

Instead, it’s my joy to get to ask you questions to connect with your wisdom, to empower you with tools (the canvas, the paper, the pencils, the paints), and support you as you tell your own story more beautifully, more authentically, more honestly, more magically than anyone else ever could.

I stopped painting the picture of the “after” in my work a long time ago because I don’t want to do you that disservice.

Only you know where you are now and where you desire to go. Only you can paint that picture.

And, where you are now is not a “before.” And when you get there it won’t be an “after.” These are all moments in your beautifully imperfect journey. In your beautifully imperfect life.

I’m here to help you develop the tools, skills, and practices to paint your own picture over and over again. A picture that shows who you truly are – not who someone else has told you that you “should” be.

That is what HELD (a coaching community + membership where we’ll deepen self-trust, self-compassion, and self-connection + release perfectionism, together) is all about.

Each month, we’ll explore themes that came highly requested from all of you here. Themes like freedom from all or nothing mindset (January), rest (February), body image (March), and so much more.

It’s a one-of-a-kind blend of transformational coaching, self-reflection, guided growth, compassionate support, authentic inspiration, loving encouragement, and community connection.

Your space to create continued connection, quality time, and growth in your relationship with yourself.

You’ll be empowered to be your own expert, to connect with your voice, to trust your intuition. To paint your own picture.

And I’ll be there supporting you, guiding you, and coaching you + the incredible community of women who will surround you the entire way.

Come join me in HELD here.

Don’t let someone else paint your picture. That is a wisdom and artistry that only you possess.

xo, Sim

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