Do you feel like you’re always rushing?

Do you feel like you’re always rushing?

Constantly multitasking, trying to ‘make the most’ of each moment by doing twice as much?

Do you eat your lunch while checking your work email?

Watch a movie with your kids while scrolling on your phone?

Talk on the phone while replying to others’ text messages?

Check out from conversations so you can scan ahead in your mind to the next thing on your to do list?

How does it make you feel?

For me, rushing, multitasking, and constant to do list checking makes me feel spread thin. It makes me feel anxious. It makes me feel overstimulated, like I’ve got an electric current running through me. 

You too?

This past week, I’ve been helping my mom pack up her house as she gets ready to move to my neighborhood, which I’m so excited about! 

In the process of packing, we got to go through some special keepsakes that belonged to my mom’s mom / my grandma. 

My grandma had the most beautifully embroidered towels, hand-stitched napkins, and crocheted doilies. But, perhaps my favorite thing we uncovered were her aprons. 

These aprons are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. They are stunning. 

Each one was starched and folded impeccably ​in a bag to protect its integrity. With delicate flowers, pleated skirts, and feminine patterns, each apron felt more special than the last. 

My mom shared stories about my grandma getting ready each afternoon, apron and all, to take her time making a family dinner. My grandma loved to get ready and cook her family dinner. She smiled and sang and found deep joy in the experience. 

These dinners always always always included dessert. 

Because in addition to getting ready and cooking, my grandma LOVED dessert. 

I can personally attest to the fact that she made the world’s best brownies: always a satisfying combo of chewy and crispy with a thick layer of chocolate icing on top. 

I loved listening to my mom’s stories as she recalled the presence, intention, and care from my grandma each afternoon in the kitchen.

She wasn’t afraid to take her time. She wasn’t afraid to make an everyday task special. 

I’m inspired by my grandma to take my time today. To be present. To make the everyday moments special. To proceed with care.

What about you?

Where in your life do you want to take your time?

Where do you want to let yourself do one thing that brings you joy with your full presence? 

Where do you want to let yourself make a task, a moment, an experience truly special?

What do you want do with care?​

Can you think of someone in your life who takes her time? Someone who inspires you in this way? Reach out and let her know how she encourages you just by being who she is. 

xo, Sim

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  1. Kori says

    I need to slow down at work & while relaxing at home! My husband & I both are guilty at reaching for our phones even when watching one of our favorite shows. Or for me to check off notifications while talking with my sister on the phone. I got away from social media but slowly crept back into it, & Matt called me on it. Time to recommit! I’m a work in progress.

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