diet culture + drama-free, intuitive + joy-filled​ relationship with movement: my holiday gift to you

I spent the weekend decking the halls: decorating the mantle, making wreaths with my mom, mixing up mugs of hot cocoa, and blasting Christmas music way too early. It felt comforting and I am craving comforting. Tomorrow will mark three years since my dad passed away. I shared some thoughts on grief and joy here yesterday. The holidays can be so complicated yet magical. Grief + joy. Complicated + magical.

Both and.

This year — global pandemic and all — will be no exception.

Diwali began last week, Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, then Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, and more. Whatever you are celebrating or preparing to celebrate…

The holiday season is upon us!

With the holidays can often come a flood of diet culture-y messages creating fear, stress, pressure, and anxiety in your relationship with movement.

Here’s what I want you to know as we enter the holiday season:

Yes, the holidays can be complicated. No, your relationship with movement doesn’t have to be.

I’d love to support you during this time of year to connect with the diet culture + drama-free, intuitive + joy-filled relationship with movement you deserve.

From November 30 through December 6, I’ll be hosting my FREE 7-day movement mindset series in real time.

A week’s worth of mindset shifts, reframes, and intentions to help you experience a more joy-filled, flexible, intuitive relationship with movement sent right here to your inbox each morning at 7 AM (EST).

Plus, we’ll continue the conversation every day over on Instagram at @MovementUnmeasured as a community.

Whether you’ve done the movement mindset series before or this will be your first time, I’d love you be part of it.

You can sign-up for the [free] 7-Day Movement Mindset Series here.

xo, Sim

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