Craving sugar constantly? This one’s for you!

Last week while I was speaking to a corporate team about intuitive eating + movement, someone asked:

“What do I do if I’m craving sugar constantly?”

I deeply related to this question because I had it at the start of my intuitive eating journey many years ago. Are you wondering the same thing, too?

If so, this one’s for you.

First, the language you use around food is such an awesome opportunity for curiosity.

What does “constantly” mean to you?

For many people, diet culture “food rules” can turn a personal preference for something sweet into a personal judgment.

Do you really think about sugar 24/7? Or is “constantly” actually code for you enjoying something sweet at meals to feel satisfied?

How would your relationship to the desire for something sweet shift if you gave yourself permission to enjoy what you enjoy?

If you gave yourself permission to feel SATISFIED around food?

A simple shift in mindset + language here can be powerful!

Second, if your answer to the question above is that you are truly thinking about sugar 24/7, then that’s another great opportunity. This time, to meet your body’s needs.

Sugar = carbs = energy.

If your mind is fixated on sugar literally all the time, it’s likely that your body is trying to get the “I NEED ENERGY” message across in response to some form of restriction.

If this is the situation, I encourage you to see if you’re restricting (intentionally or unintentionally).

Are you eating enough food throughout the day? [if not, it makes sense that your body would be asking for more energy!]

Are you eating enough starchy carbohydrates throughout the day? [if not, it makes sense that your body would be asking for that kind of energy!]

Are you physically restricting sugar (i.e. not allowing yourself to eat it)? [if so, it makes sense that your body would be realllllly wanting that!]

Are you mentally restricting sugar (i.e. eating it but thinking how “bad” it is the whole time and how you “shouldn’t” eat it anymore)? [if so, it makes sense that you’d be craving it since it feels off limits]

If any of the above questions show you that there is some restriction (physical or mental) happening, then releasing the rules and restriction will be a great next step.

Lastly, are your human needs — beyond the physical — being met?

If you check in and all your physical needs are being met + you’re not restricting food in any way… yet you still find yourself thinking about sugar 24/7… it might be “emotional restriction.”

As humans, we all desire what I call “The Craving Trifecta”…




Check in with yours:

Are you resting when you need to rest?

Are you experiencing pleasure in your life?

Are you cultivating connection with others and yourself?

When you are physically nourished and satisfied but the sugar cravings are constant, ask yourself:

If this wasn’t about food what would this be about?

Sometimes the places we need nourishment + satisfaction are on our plates and sometimes they are off!

xo, Sim

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