What are your core commitments to yourself?

Hey there!

Last week, I shared five of my all time favorite powerful and practical shifts to help you let go of perfection.

Here they are:

  1. Stop calling ‘perfect’ a high standard, and start to call it what it truly is – a limiting belief
  2. Shift from judgment to curiosity
  3. Begin to see ‘failure’ as feedback, one of life’s greatest opportunities to learn and grow
  4. Trade all or nothing / black and white thinking for the ‘nice place in between’
  5. Rather than operating from a place of ‘shoulds’ begin to take value-based actions

One of the most powerful and practical shifts you can make in your life to let go of perfection is to take value-based action rather than operating from a place of what others tell you that you ‘should’ do.

This world will throw a lot of shoulds at you, but living a fulfilling life requires you to discover what truly matters to you in this season of your life and then take the daily steps to honor that!

Two of my personal core values are growth and connection.

These things are SO important to me and I try to take steps each day that honor them.

I spent a lot of time stuck in a fixed mindset (I have to be perfect or else I’m a failure) and I also spent a lot of time feeling disconnected from myself, the people I care about the most, and the things that deeply matter to me because I was so caught up in doing what I believed would impress or please others.

Each day I do my best to let those old ways of being go and take intentional action to live out those values of growth and connection I just shared with you (among other values).

One of the ways I’m currently doing this is in a year long marriage course that Tim and I are doing together!

We are just a few weeks in, but it’s been so fun to invest in our relationship, to learn and grow together, and to intentionally connect.

This past week, we did an awesome exercise in the program where we defined our 5 core marriage commitments. When we finished I instantly thought how fun it would be to do a version of this exercise with you guys here in this community!

If you’re up for it, I’d love for you to write down your top 5 commitments to yourself in this season of you life. And, comment and let me know what’s on your list!

Can’t wait to hear yours!

Cheers to being who you truly are rather than who you’ve told yourself you ‘should’ be.

xo, Sim

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