Before you compare yourself to that person, try this first.

When I’m super inspired by someone, it’s usually because there is a desire in my heart that she has put into action.

For years, I was so inspired by women who had fun, easy, nourishing relationships with food. I really wanted that, but hadn’t learned to put that desire into action. I had to get open to seeing food differently. I had to be willing to experiment with new ways of being. I had to practice and learn new skills. It took time and I wasn’t great at it right from the beginning. But I learned and I grew!

If someone inspires you, rather than comparing yourself to her, I want to encourage you to notice what desire in your heart she’s acting on.

What’s the desire in your heart right now?

You can turn that desire into action, too.

It’s not always going to be easy, you’ll likely need support along the way, it might feel a little scary, and you probably won’t be the “best” at it right out of the gate.

And you know what? That person who inspires you wasn’t either.

But you can learn!

You can grow!

And there will come a day when food will feel fun, easy, and nourishing (or whatever the thing is that you’re desiring) and you’ll realize: “I’m doing it!”

And, without a doubt, you’ll inspire someone else.

xo, Sim

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