Change is happening (you can decide how you want to move through it)

Labor Day weekend has always felt like a bridge to me, from the end of Summer into the start of something new! It might be a sweaty 🥵 95 degrees here in Columbus, OH, but in my heart & soul it’s Fall 😉

It felt like such meant-to-be timing that yesterday, fresh off of Labor Day weekend, was my first day fully back in my business. I’ve spent this week connecting with private coaching clients and planning all that’s ahead for Unmeasured (like the weekly LIVE classes officially underway as of this month 🥳).

At any transition in life, we have the chance to meaningfully reflect back on our experience and take what we discover when we reflect to move forward with greater intention.

We can go through the motions or we can choose to slow down, connect, and be intentional.

If you’ve ever taken a workout class and gone through the motions v. one where you’ve been intentional, you know how different the two experiences feel. Life is like a movement practice in this way!

Because I know so many people in this beautiful community are in a time of transition, I want to share the questions I ask myself to move through a change intentionally.

If you ask yourself some or all of these questions, I’d love to hear what comes through for you:

✨What was the biggest theme of this last experience/chapter?

✨What were the biggest lessons I learned?

✨What am I most proud of myself for?

✨How have I grown as a person?

✨What/who am I grateful for?

✨What was hard for me at the start, that now feels natural?

✨Who have I become through this?

✨What are the biggest truths I don’t want to forget?

✨What do I want to practice consistently moving forward?

✨What opportunities for growth/healing/change do I have that I want to prioritize now?

✨What version of myself do I want to be?

✨What is my intention for this next chapter/experience?

Change is happening and you get to decide how you want to move through it!

xo, Sim

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