ask this for a better relationship with food

Whether it’s day 1 of your intuitive eating journey or you’ve got a feel-good relationship with food but would love support navigating the occasional diet culture sneak attack (yes, those unexpected, subconscious thoughts happens to everyone! Even the most normal, laid back, in-tune intuitive eaters)…

I’ve got just what you need!

This simple question will help to:

Instantly reframe food fears

Swap judgment for curiosity

Cultivate deeper self connection

Enjoy a more nourishing relationship with food that supports you physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially

Shift into the parasympathetic nervous system (necessary for proper digestion and feeling calm, safe, and present overall)

 & more!

Yes, one question really can do all that.

“What value does this food add?”

While you reflect on the value-add of the food, you can consider…

nutrition benefits (i.e., carbs for energy or fat for satiety)

social/emotional benefits (i.e., connection to heritage or communal celebration)

emotional benefits (i.e., comfort)

& anything else that comes to mind! Maybe it’s ease (HEY PB&J), behavior changes (i.e., fewer binges because you’re not restricting dessert!), or something personal to you!

Name a food and I promise you there is value.

Give it a try — I’d love to hear how it goes! And, if you’re struggling to figure out what value a food adds, feel free to reply to this email so I can help you find it.

xo, Sim

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