Are you terrified of giving yourself ‘unconditional permission to eat’? This will help!

Are you trying to eat intuitively but the ‘unconditional permission to eat’ part makes you feel terrified?

Oh my gosh, do I hear you! I was so so (sooooooooo) scared to let go of my food rules and give myself full permission to eat the things I’d thought of as ‘bad’ for so long.

If you’re in this phase of intuitive eating and you’re working on eating foods you’ve had rules or fears around, then it’s probably going to feel pretty scary to do things differently.

I love to help you make an already inherently scary thing feel more safe and supported.

By creating more positive interactions and experiences with these ‘off limits’ foods that you’re practicing permission with, you can rewrite the stories you have about these foods and reframe what you’ve been making eating these foods mean about you.

Today, I want to offer you something that can help you do this with unconditional permission to eat. 

Pick a food or type of food that you want to practice permission with (psst: you don’t have to create unconditional permission to eat with every single food all at once. You can go slowly and take your time. There’s no rush to the finish line)…

And, practice eating that food WITH other foods as part of a meal.

This allows you to feel more full AND satisfied.

Let’s use potato chips as an example.

It’s normal for anyone who is hungry and who sits down with only a huge bag of potato chips to eat most, if not all, of the bag.

If I’m really hungry and the only thing I have is a family size bag of potato chips, I’m probably going to eat them all! Because, like I mentioned, I’m hungry.

But, for someone who is trying to create a positive experience with a food that’s been previously off limits, sitting down and eating an entire big bag of potato chips reinforces stories like:

  1. I shouldn’t eat potato chips because once I start I can’t stop them; and / or
  2. I can’t let myself eat potato chips because they don’t make me feel good.

So the experience plays into continual fear of that food. 

But, if you practice eating the food you’re trying to create freedom with (i.e. chips) in the context of a meal…

Like a turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mayo, avocado, and pickles and some apple slices AND SOME CHIPS…

Then it’s going to way more likely that you’ll walk away from that interaction with the chips feeling full, satisfied, nourished and having had a positive experience.

Every one of those positive experiences allows you to change the stories you are telling yourself about certain foods and also allows you to build up trust in your relationship with your body.

So, if you’re in this phase of unconditional permission to eat and feeling terrified, I’d really encourage you to try this.

It’s a way to make a scary situation feel more safe and supported — which is vital to create the positive experiences you need to help you re-write those inner narratives and reframe those meanings so you can keep growing.

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xo, Sim

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