Actually, you are a perfectionist (surprise!)

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If you’re sitting there thinking…

Hmmm sounds nice but I’m not a perfectionist!

Stay with me a little longer, because this one is for the perfectionist who doesn’t know she is a perfectionist…

Do you think someone is only a perfectionist if she seems like she’s doing everything perfectly? So you assume, “nope, not me!”

The truth is that many perfectionists actually feel really stuck and terrified to do anything at all.

Perfectionism typically shows up in a number of ways, from high standard you hold yourself to at all cost to people pleasing and all-or-nothing thinking.

But, a lesser talked about form of perfectionism (even though is VERY common) is this one:

An unreasonable or even unattainable standard that holds you back from doing anything at all because you feel like you’ll never be able to live up to that standard.

When the pressure to be perfect feels so intense (and the fear of failure so terrifying), many perfectionists opt out from trying in the first place. It comes from such a place of self protection, to keep yourself “safe” you avoid the risk of falling short or failing.

Whether it’s in the micro moments of your day, like when you keep your creative idea locked up inside during that work meeting (because what if it sucks?), avoid trying that hip hop class that caught your attention (because what if YOU suck?), decide not to make that new recipe (because what if you mess it up?) or pretend to be the friend with no preferences (because it’s easier to go with the flow than to make a suggestion that might not be whatever makes everyone happy)…

Or the bigger dreams & desires that you stuff wayyyyyy down…

Many perfectionists actually aren’t doing everything “perfectly” but rather avoid everything they worry they won’t be perfect at. Which, leaves a lot to avoid because what do we ever do perfectly (especially  when we first start).

Do you relate?

 If so, what’s something you’ve avoided from a place of (understandable) self protection that you know a part of you deep down inside wants to try/do/experience/say?

 If you felt safe to be imperfect, what would happen next?

Your perfectionism isn’t going anywhere until you feel safe to be your imperfect (wonderful, human) self. Good news, my approach supports you with this!

Join me for this 4-Day FREE Challenge, where I’ll show you the way out of the perfectionism that’s holding you back (and the way back home to yourself). We start June 17!

xo, Sim

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