a beaucoup problemo, Calvin

If you hang out with me on Instagram then you already know that we got a backyard trampoline last week. In short, 10/10 recommend.

While we were out back jumping around, I remembered the moment — which feels like an eternity ago now — when I bought a mini rebounder.

I was working with a coach who specialized in healing hormones and helping women connect with their feminine energy. I had lost my period after years of restriction, over exercising, and binge eating and I was so committed to healing my body so I could get it back (in hopes of feeling well and having babies someday).

A huge focus of the work I did with this coach ended up being around embracing more pleasure in my life.

Only “a beaucoup problemo, Calvin” (to quote 10 Things I Hate About You because honestly, when is it not relevant?!)… I didn’t even know what I enjoyed.

It’s hard to embrace pleasure when you don’t know what brings you pleasure in the first place.

So, it was time to figure it out.

I started by paying attention to the whispers (something I invite many of my coaching clients to do now, too!).

You know the whispers: those little tugs on your heart that say, “ohhhh that looks interesting” or “I think I like that!” or “I wonder what that’s like?” or “I wish I was someone who could do that…”

I noticed two things. I wanted to jump on a trampoline (I remembered LOVING it from when I was growing up) and I wanted to buy gold high top sneakers (I didn’t know what my personal style was so, maybe they would be my style?).

I promptly ordered my rebounder and those glittery kicks.

Turns out, I absolutely loved the trampoline. To this day, I jump on that little rebounder most weeks! It’s the ultimate mood boost.

The gold high tops were another story.

They arrived right before a trip to Greece that Tim and I took with our wonderful friends Anjali and Scott. I wore them EVERYWHERE on that trip.

Even on a hike in Crete, where I completely wiped out on a muddy hill while Anjali called out, “GOLD SHOES DOWN!!!!”

There’s an action shot someone caught on their camera of me literally mid-slip, but I couldn’t find it for the purposes of this email. What a shame.

I really rocked those babies from day to night. And, upon our return home I concluded that gold high tops are actually not my personal style (but I salute you if they are yours!!).

And HEY! That’s part of exploring pleasure.

Sometimes you discover something you love (I’m looking at you, trampoline) and sometimes you discover what you don’t love (which is still a win because you’re getting to know yourself a little more with each swing & a miss).

If you can’t even begin to think about embracing pleasure in your life because you don’t know what you like, it’s ok! You have the chance to explore.

Whether it’s revisiting a childhood joy, exploring personal style, or something totally different…

The good news it that you’re worth getting to know.

xo, Sim

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