2018 Intentions: How I Set Mine + How You Can, Too!

Last year, as we celebrated New Year’s Eve in Mexico, Tim and I started a new tradition. I’m calling it a “tradition” because we did it again this year and in my mind two times makes a tradition.

We sat side by side and wrote what we hoped to experience and accomplish in 2017. When we were both finished, we shared our lists. It was so special to see where our dreams lined up and also where we could support each other in our more personal endeavors. This morning, on the same beach in Mexico with coffee in hand, we did it again for 2018.

It’s one of my favorite things we’ve done together and I can’t wait to continue it for years to come.

It may sound like that 2018 dream list would make up what I’m calling my “2018 Intentions,” but it’s not quite so. Instead, my 2018 intentions are the things I’m committed to work on / through so that I am able to experience or accomplish the things on that dream list.

How do I know what these “things” are? It’s pretty simple.

They are the things that I know will hold me back from experiencing much of what’s on the list Tim and I dreamed up. They are the areas of resistance I’ve felt this past year (for many years actually) that I am now finally ready to work through.

So, while I’m going to keep the 2018 list that Tim and I dreamed up between us, what I will share with you today are my 2018 intentions:

  1. Trust in my intention

Oh you guys. The number of hours I’ve wasted in 2017 (and let’s not even try to add up the number of hours in my entire life) worrying about how someone perceived me or interpreted something I said is an ATROCIOUS number of hours. I could have done so many things in that time. I could have accomplished so much with that emotional energy. I could have relaxed so much or watched so much TV or probably even written a TV show in the time I wasted (I’m not saying it would be a good TV show). I’ve spent too much time worrying that:

  • my genuine excitement to share something with someone I admire was perceived as asking for too much or trying to take advantage;
  • my genuine enthusiasm for someone’s accomplishment was perceived as fake;
  • putting up boundaries that were important to me was perceived as rudeness; and
  • the list goes on.

I really feel that I’ve gone as far as I can go carrying this constant thought loop around with me and it’s 100% time let it go. It’s 100% time for me to trust my intention (the intention to share with genuine excitement, to celebrate with genuine enthusiasm, to set boundaries from a genuine place of knowing my priorities, and more) and let the rest go.

As Tim always says, “If someone misinterprets your intention and has an issue with something you said or did, they can let you know. That’s their job.”

  1. Own my value

Knowing my value only goes so far. Nobody in the world will know my value (or yours) unless I (or you) show them. I believe this SO much for others and this year is my year to embody it in my own life. I know my value and 2018 is the year I am going to own it by saying “yes” to what aligns with it and “no” to what doesn’t.

“Trusting in my intention” above is a prerequisite for this one and I am excited to see these two work together.

Since getting clear on these intentions, I’ve already been given so many opportunities to live them out, which is both scary and exciting. I know they will continue to be tested throughout the year, but I also know that is part of real growth. I also know that I won’t be doing any of it alone. I am so ready to live these out intentionally with amazing help and support – from my coach, family, friends, and personal accountability / discipline.

If you want to set intentions in this way, too, here are the simple (yet powerful) steps I use:

  1. Let yourself dream! What do you want to experience or accomplish in 2018?
  2. What beliefs, practices, or behaviors that showed up for you in 2017 might block you from experiencing or accomplishing said things?
  3. Based on your dreams + potential blocks, what intentions would feel amazing (and maybe a little challenging / scary, but in a good way) to set in 2018 so you can move forward in the direction you’re looking to go? What blocks are you committing to work through?
  4. Start to notice the opportunities to live out your intentions and see them as gifts of growth (in my experience, once you commit to change, the opportunities to exercise the change will show up pretty quickly).
  5. Set up an awesome support system! You don’t have to do this alone.

Sending lots of love and big hugs from the ocean! I can’t wait to navigate this new year together.

Cheers to 2018!

xo, Sim

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